Time flies. We are proud of our achievements and our more entrepreneurial journey.

       Venture so far, the guangdong east ChuBingCheng "all rivers run into sea, the whole" enterprise culture, adhere to the "let the company continues to develop, create value for customers, provide a platform for employees, create benefits for the enterprise, take responsibility for the society" the enterprise idea, in the "construction industry integration services, construction industry modernization agents" enterprise vision, ongoing thinking innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation. Our development is not only based on our enterprising spirit and pragmatic cultivation; Thanks to the meticulous care of leaders at all levels and the care of the hot pillow, we are benefiting from the generous support and enthusiasm from all walks of life. In the course of the company's arduous journey, we have lost and frustrated, and we have lost the opportunity, but we are not lost. In exploring, we learned to think; In development, we have been honed.

       Today, we pursue "honest, pragmatic, efficient and excellence" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "people-oriented, to manage the benefit as the center, management innovation as the means, powered by scientific and technological progress", the implementation of "project on the scale, technology on the steps, create first-class management" development strategy, to seek new orientation in the process of reform and exploration in developing new ideas, to meet new challenges in innovation, with passion and wisdom for the development of national building casting a new glory.

      Quality originates from excellence, professional casting is classic. Guangdong donchu is willing to go hand in hand with you and create the future together!